Entrepreneur in Residence

At Wasabi Ventures Academy

The Deal

Have an idea? Always wanted to be a founder? Already founded a company, looking for a second go? Build your startup idea with the backing of a venture capital company. That simple. Here is how: Apply to the Wasabi Ventures Academy, work through the core lessons of the Startup Foundations Program, learn and refine yourself as an entrepreneur, while demonstrating your skill and commitment to Wasabi Ventures. Speak with TK Kuegler or Chris Yeh about becoming an EiR Founder, receive the resources, expertise, and money you need to build a company around your idea or product. Develop and grow that idea/product into the next great startup with the full support of Wasabi Ventures. Are you ready to change the game? Apply for Startup 101 now

What We Bring to the Table


EiRs receive funding from Wasabi Ventures for both their idea or product, as well as themselves.


Each EiR has access to our staff of over 40 in-house software engineers, sales professionals, and marketing staff to accelerate their product or idea.


Wasabi Ventures acts as a co-founder to each EiR, bringing more than 40 years startup experience to the equation.

What We Look for in a Founder

We invest in founders "pre-idea". What does that mean? It means at Wasabi Ventures we believe in the individual over the idea. How do we find these individuals? Wasabi hosts the Startup Foundations Program as a vetting process, using this 13-week program to determine if an individual is ready to be an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. We have found this process to be highly successful, developing talented founders for the last 5 years.

What does an EiR look like? EiRs come in all shapes and sizes, but a few things are constant, EiRs must have a willingness to learn, a hunger for success, smarts, and the ability to work hard.

A Few of Our EiR Companies

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